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Liberty of London´s Liberty Art fabrics are well known for their fine weaved quality, delicate and inventive patterns representing classically beautiful flowers, elegant, lovely and intense long-wearing color palettes as well as delicate detailed patterns. 

Liberty Art Fabrics have gained well-earned legendary reputation and fame all over the world and their print quality is one-of-a-kind silky smooth 100% Tana Lawn cotton.  

Liberty fabric collections offer traditional classic prints hand-in-hand with seasonal new design patterns and color palettes straight from Liberty´s own top designers. Most of Liberty prints are still designed traditionally by hand.

Nova Melina is at the moment the sole merchandiser of these gorgeous high quality fabrics in Finland. 

All fabric prizes include VAT 24%.

Liberty Art Fabric width is 136 cm.

Minimum order per print is one FQ (=1/4 m, size 50 cm x 68 cm). Fat Quarter pieces are listed separately under Liberty Art Fabrics category.

When buying fabric per meter (full width) one unit is always 10 cm. For example if you need 1,5 meters of fabric, you choose 15 pieces to your cart. When you need 60 cm, you choose 6 pieces and so on. Fabrics are always cut in one piece for the same buyer.

Tana Lawn cotton:

Tana Lawn cotton is a fabric built by obsession, perfected into a modern masterpiece of production through a bespoke process that has evolved over a century. Printed in Liberty´s very own cutting-edge fabric mill, located between Milan and Lake Como in northern Italy, Tana Lawn realises unmatchable fluidity with a silk-like touch, unique print quality and striking colour vibrancy. Use Tana Lawn to create sleek separates, statement creations or tailored daily pieces – the possibilities are as wild as your imagination. Tana Lawn is machine washable and durable enough for daily wear.

Few FAQs about Liberty Art Fabrics:

- Patchwork and small sewing projects, this premium quality fabric is excellent for quilting and patchwork. The fabric is very soft and amiable to work with, only problem is that you most likely want to create the whole piece using only Liberty! ;-)

- Dresses, clothing and decor sewing, Liberty fabrics fit really all kinds of light clothing. Dresses, tuniques, tops, summer pants, skirts, shorts... there is no better fabric choice for all of those really. The fabric behaves really well under sewing machine and is easy to work with. It is also the most pleasant material against your skin. Liberty fabrics work excellently for bedding and interior pillows as well (when not directed to heavy abrasion).

- Prewash of the fabrics, you may wash the fabric before use but it is not necessary. This high quality does not really shrink at all (max 1%).

- How to wash Liberty fabrics? In order to keep the colors perfect machine wash in 30 degrees in recommended. I however have always washed them in 40 degrees and have not noticed any fading of color. You may use regular washing powder and detergent as long as it does not involve any bleach.

- Any other questions about Liberty fabrics? Just send me an email and i will do my best to find you an answer!

I wish you the very best sewing moments with these gorgeous fabrics!

P.s. I am more than happy to receive pictures of your completed sewing projects! With your permission i may also publish your work at my blog, Instagram, and or Facebook page. Pictures and info (if wanted) can be send to: novamelina(at)