The prettiest lanyards made by Nova Melina! Patchwork Liberty lanyards have been in my selection from the beginning and i still love making them. One of the best things i know is matching different colors and patterns together and in these lanyards i get to do that a lot. Each lanyard is like a unique piece of jewelry but the type you can use everyday in your ordinary life. These make super nice and practical gifts too! 

Sometimes i like to create something small and different and that may be a small collection of unique key fobs. Keep on following and you´ll stay up to date! I can also custom make you the kind of lanyard or key fob you want, just send me an email: novamelina(at)

Lanyards come in three different sizes:

- Children (with safety clip)

- Adult basic (with safety clip)

- Extra long crossbody version (if you want one with safety clip, send me an email!)

Caring instructions:

Since these lanyards are made of cotton fabric their lifespan is not as long as with plastic ones. They do however last longer with good care. Tips:

- Handle your lanyard with love, do not crush or wrinkle it purposely.

- You can machine wash your lanyard if it gets dirty inside a wash bag.

- If and when the lanyard wrinkles (like after wash) you can iron it with cotton heat.

- If you see some lonely pieces of thread coming off the fabric you can just cut them off. They are not the holding stitches of the lanyard.