Knitting Bag - Kitties
Knitting Bag - Kitties Knitting Bag - Kitties Knitting Bag - Kitties Knitting Bag - Kitties

Knitting Bag - Kitties

Nova Melina
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Knitting / Project Bag - Kitties

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I have carefully designed and executed this handmade knitting bag for especially the knitting folk in need of a beautiful spacious pouch to carry their knits, yarns and knitting supplies in it. I started to make my own line of knitting bags in summer 2018 and have already many happy and satisfied customers using these all over the world - which makes me super happy!

This bag is made of beautiful Japanese cotton/linen fabric. The lining is 100% linen, as well as the strap alley. There are three open pockets inside. 

This OOAK bag will surely make you pop out in a crowd, in a good way! =)

You will receive three pins (shown in the pictures) with the bag. The straps in this bag are leather.

Measurements: Hight 24 cm / Width 32 cm (continues to the bottom), Bottom width 19 cm (where the seams go), Bottom depth 15 cm. Since each bag is a unique handmade product the measures may vary slightly.

Unique Design item from the collection "Sininen - The Blues"

P.s. If you have any questions regarding these knitting bags - please don´t hesitate to send me a message!

24 cm
32 cm
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